100 gram Formulas

Traditional Chinese Full Spectrum Herbal Extract Powder Formulas

are produced in 100 gram bottles are Plum Flower Brand® full spectrum 5:1 extract powders. They are processed in an Internationally Certified GMP Factory. Some contain 1-3% non-gmo dextrin, noted in description, while a few contain 1-3% sulfites, also noted in description. Please store in a cool, dark, dry place. Refrigerate if storing for extended periods of time.

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Tangkuei Decoction for Blood<br> Dang Gui Bu Xue San
Tangkuei Decoction for Blood
Dang Gui Bu Xue San

Price:   $36.45
The Great Invigorator<br> Shen Tong Zhu Yu San
The Great Invigorator
Shen Tong Zhu Yu San

Price:   $51.60
Tonify the Liver<br> Bu Gan San
Tonify the Liver
Bu Gan San

Price:   $39.50
Two Aged Ingredients<br> Er Chen San
Two Aged Ingredients
Er Chen San

Price:   $44.75
Two Immortals<br> Er Xian San
Two Immortals
Er Xian San

Price:   $45.40
Upper Chamber Formula<br> Cang Er Zi San
Upper Chamber Formula
Cang Er Zi San

Price:   $42.65
Women's Precious<br> Nu Ke Ba Zhen San
Women's Precious
Nu Ke Ba Zhen San

Price:   $36.45
Yin Chiao Powder<br> Yin Qiao San
Yin Chiao Powder
Yin Qiao San

Price:   $47.15
Ziziphus Decoction<br> Suan Zao Ren San
Ziziphus Decoction
Suan Zao Ren San

Price:   $76.30

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