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Blue Rebounder
Folding Soft-Bounce
Blue Rebounder

Folding Soft-Bounce<br>Blue Rebounder
#R10 Folding Soft-Bounce
Blue Rebounder
Price:   $342.50

Needak Folding Soft Bounce Blue Rebounder

Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder is our most popular model with 36 soft-bounce springs on a folding 40" diameter frame for travel and ease of storage. It has softer springs to create a softer surface for those who are looking for a softer bounce or for a person who is 300 pounds or less with the added benefit of a folding frame for travel or storage..

Soft Bounce Rebounders are suited for professional athletes and have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. These mini-trampolines are great for indoor use during inclement weather and can be used by aerobics enthusiasts, people wanting to lose or maintain weight, as a lymphasizer, joggers, men, women and children.

Price includes shipping in the lower 48 states. Optional spring cover not included.

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