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Catalog > Ant Drops, Chinese Mountain
Ant Drops, Chinese Mountain

Ant Drops, Chinese Mountain
#007 Ant Drops, Chinese Mountain
Price:   $65.00
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Ron Teeguarden Chinese Mountain Ant Drops

Traditionally, tonic ant is used to promote, maintain and prolong life, replenish Qi, nourish blood, increase vitality, regulate yin and yang, enhance immunocompetence (bipolar immune regulation), improveásexualáfunction and increases virility and fertility, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, calm anxiety, promotes sound sleep, and improve digestion and assimilation. It is used as an adaptogenic, antiaging agent and to increase vitality. Ant is used in many beauty formulations.

Herbal Ingredients:

Changbai Mountain Polyrachis Ant
Changbai Mountain Polyrachis Ant
Red Ginseng
Red Ginseng
Schizandra Fruit
Goji Berries - Lycium Fruit
Goji Berries

Super concentrated extract of red and black tonic ants. Extraordinary and very, very rare in America. The herb of emperors. A U.S. exclusive. An 8:1 concentrate.

Primary Traditional Functions
Tonifies Qi and Jing, clears heat and removes liver stagnation.

Who Can Use This Formula
Anybody seeking a powerful adaptogenic. Because of its long and short term energy boosting quality, ant tonics are becoming popular as pre-workout elixirs. Ant is an ideal tonic for athletes.

Ants are extremely rich in nutrients, including significant amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B12, D and E. Ant contains more than 42% protein and provide 8 essential amino acids. It contains enzymes and other active substances. The ATP in ants can provide energy directly to the human body. Ants are rich in more than 20 trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, and especially zinc.

Polyrachis is extremely rich in zinc. The zinc content of Polyrachis is the highest among all known living organisms. Every gram of dried ants contains 180 mg. of zinc. This undoubtedly explains part of ant's strong beneficial influence onásexuality, as zinc is a critical element in the humanásexualáfunction. In Japan, Zinc has been called "harmony element" because it creates harmony between couples---it is a powerfulásexual-improving element. These chemicals seem to have an influence on the way that zinc is utilized. Studies have shown that regular use of ant tonics can prevent and treat disorders associated with zinc deficiency, including senile cataract, night blindness, incontinence, andásexualádysfunction, including impotence, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation in men and menorrhagia, frigidity and climacteric symptoms in women.

Ant has a bipolar (double-direction) immuno-regulatory activity. It thus fortifies a weakened immune system and modifies an overactive immune system. Ant can have a very beneficial effect on autoimmune disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, alkolyzing spondylitis, scleroderma, psoriasis, and some studies indicate significant tumor reducing effects when ant is consumed in therapeutic dosages. Ant has been used clinically for the following disorders in China and other Asian nations: rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis, sciatic neuralgia, hepatitis B, neurosis, insomnia, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, asthma, dermatomyositis, tumor, hypertension, and more.

Polyrachis vicina, Polyrachis lamellidns and other species of nutritional ant have been demonstrated to have liver protective activity by lowering the activity of SGPT, a liver enzyme (detail). It can also, to a certain degree, prevent liver cells from turning into fat. Polyrachis has been demonstrated to be very useful in the treatment of both acute and chronic hepatitis B. Recent research indicates that hepatitis B, both chronic and acute, is due to immune deficiency and that the hepatitis virus is itself opportunistic. Therefore, strengthening the immune system as a whole is essential and invaluable in treating hepatitis B. Ant serves this role very effectively because of its dual role as an immune tonic and a liver protector.

Polyrachis also has anxiolytic, anti-cough, analgesic, anti-spasmotic, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oncologic and anti-arthritic functions, according to studies done throughout Asia.

Recent research demonstrated that Polyrachis can promote the growth, and prevent the shrinkage, of the thymus gland, which generally shrinks as one grows older. The thymus is one of the important immune system organs of the body. Ants can stimulate the production of lymphocytes when the body is under microbial attack, and can improve replication of the lymphocytes. Ants increase the amount of active immune cells. Extensive research now verifies that ant has a bipolar immune function.

Ant can increase the amount of DNA and RNA inside of human cells. This is believed to slow down aging and to aid in the regeneration, and even rejuvenation of tissue.

A unique set of aldehyde compounds found in all edible species of Polyrachis has been demonstrated to have a stronger tonic action than ginseng, and it has thus far been impossible to synthesize this chemical. These aldehydes compounds include geranicaldehyde (C10H16O) and formalindehyde (HCHO, C10H14O). It is believed to be a result of these and several similar aldehydes, as well as some other chemicals in ant, that give ants their enormous physical strength---and ultimately give the consumers of ant the well-established increase in strength.

Polyrachis is not a source of hormones and are absolutely free of synthetic chemicals.

Some facts about ants: Ants can lift up to 400 times their own weight and pull up to 1700 times their own weight, making them the world champions in terms of strength. Ant contains 8-13 times the protein of milk, chicken, duck, beef, mutton and fish.

Concentration 8:1

Typical Usage
3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner. There are 80 squirts per bottle.

Bottle Size: 2 fluid ounces - 60 milliliters

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