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Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Bread
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Sourdough Bread

is the healthiest bread that can be baked. We started out learning bread baking in the 1970's from an amazing woman who came over to the states from England in 1929. She imparted many great baking recipes to us and bread became the most basic staple of them all. It is so versatile and can be made into almost any flavor of bread one can imagine.

We prefer to keep it simple and graduated to learning the fine art of baking sourdough in 1990. In recent years we have perfected our sourdough so that it comes out amazingly consistent with each baking. We use only organic barley flour, organic soft wheat flour, wild sourdough starter, Himalayan pink salt and fresh spring water. Our starter collects and proliferates friendly bacteria from the fresh local country air.

Each loaf is hand made with love and has their own unique look. It has a flavorful chewy crust that comes out of the oven crispy. Once cooled and placed in a bag, it does begin to soften making it much easier to slice.

Our sourdough makes a yummy sandwich at noon or scrumptious toast to have with your 4:00 tea. Our sourdough loaves typically weigh 28 ounces and can be custom sized for you.

Baking is done on untreated brown parchment paper.

The only ingredients we put in our Sourdough is Kosher Organic Barley Flour, Kosher Organic Soft White Wheat Flour, Spring Water, Kosher Himalayan Pink Salt and Love.

This item is currently only available to Florida residents in our local delivery area or those visiting Florida in the same area. Please allow 2 weekdays lead time for this item to be made to order.

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