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Matzoh Bread

Matzoh Bread
Matzoh Bread
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Matzoh Bread

is the bread we make for Passover or any other time we feel like having a flatbread in a hurry. It is unleavened and the simplest of breads if the shape doesn't matter to you. Or if you are particular about the shape it can be rolled out round or square. We can even control the thickness. Cracker thickness or pita bread thickness.

For Passover and all during the following week we made fresh bread each night just like the Israelites probably did when they left Egypt. That's why it's called the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Each piece is hand made with love and has its own unique look. It has so much flavor when it comes out of the oven! Thin baked makes it like a cracker or if you prefer soft Matzoh, once cooled and placed in a bag, it does begin to soften making it much easier to break.

Our largest Matzoh "loaves" typically weigh 24 ounces, measures approximately 17" x 14" before baking and can be custom sized for you. It can be made thinner and come out like a cracker yielding 2-4 "crackers". Baking is done on untreated brown parchment paper.

The only ingredients we put in our Matzoh is Kosher Organic Barley Flour, Kosher Organic Soft White Wheat Flour, Spring Water, Kosher Himalayan Pink Salt and Love.

This item is currently only available to Florida residents in our local delivery area or those visiting Florida in the same area. Please allow 2 weekdays lead time for this item to be made to order.

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