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Open-End Bubble Mailers

Open-End Bubble Mailers
Open-End Bubble Mailers
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Open-end bubble mailers includes seal with heat/tape and are lighter to help in safe postage, sold as 50 per case.

Open-end bubble mailers measuring 5" x 9" are of size #00 with 1/2" fins and are ideal for postage application. Mailers with 3/16" bubble cushioning includes closure of type strip and press for added safety.

  • #00, 5" x 9"
  • Seal with heat, tape or staples
  • Lined with 3/16" bubble cushioning to ship fragile items safely
  • 1/2" fins on three sides of bag help absorb shock during shipment
  • 10-15% lighter than padded mailers to save on postage

Item Protection - Each of the open-end bubble mailers is lined on both sides with 3/16-inch bubble cushioning that surrounds your items to protect them from bumps and rough handling. Fins on the three closed sides of the mailers help absorb shock caused by movement during the shipping process.

Multiple Closure Options - Tab and grommet closures on mailing envelopes can catch on other items and tear packaging during shipment. These open-end bubble mailers are free of fasteners, so you can choose the sealing method that is best for you?heat, tape, or staples?to customize the packaging to your specific needs.

Built for Shipping - These mailers are 10 to 15 percent lighter than most other padded mailers, helping you save on postage costs. With protective cushioning and fins, they are built to withstand the rigors of mailing and transport your items to their destinations without harm.

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