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Goji, Organic Whole Berries

Goji, Organic Whole Berries
#4520N Goji, Organic Whole Berries
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Plum Flower Goji Berry, Organic Sun Dried
Gou Qi Zi

We love these sun dried organic berries for many reasons! First - they are organic and our producer takes great care in the entire process from growing to packaging, second - they come from the Himalayan Mountains, third - they keep longer on the shelf than moist berries so they are a great survival food, fourth - you can rehydrate if you prefer them moist, fifth - since they are sun dried, you get more berries in each pound, sixth - they taste great!

Beneficial to liver yin: a strong liver helps combat blurry vision, dizziness, tinnitus to name a few. Benefits kidney yin: a strong set kidneys helps combat sore or weak low back and knees, nocturnal emissions, night sweats, impotence, wasting and thirsting, insomnia, gray hair and loose teeth to name a few. Beneficial to build lung yin: balanced lungs that are not too hot or dry combat respiratory disorders such as dry cough and steaming bones.

Pinyin Name: Gou Qi Zi
English Name: Goji Berry, Lycium Fruit, Matrimony Vine Fruit, Barbary Wolfberry
Properties: sweet, neutral
Channels Entered: Liver, Kidney, Lung

Primary Traditional Functions
Tonifies Liver and Kidney Yin, Brightens the Eyes
Benefits liver and kidney deficiencies

  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness, diminished visual acuity, dryness or tearing with exposure to wind
  • Soreness and weakness of the lower back and knees
  • Nocturnal emissions, night sweating, tinnitus
  • Impotence and nocturnal emissions from kidney yin and yang deficiencies
  • Wasting and thirsting syndrome
  • Sallow appearance, prematurely gray hair, insomnia, and frequent dreams
  • Prematurely gray hair, loose teeth
  • Steaming bones sensations
  • Emaciation, spermatorrhea, impotence, dizziness, and blurred vision

Moistens Lung Yin

  • Chronic respiratory disorders with lung yin deficiencies including dry cough, without sputum or with scanty sputum, blood or blood streaks, steaming bones sensations and afternoon fevers
  • Dry cough
  • Hemopytsis

Cautions & Contraindications

  • Should be used with caution for patients who have diarrhea from spleen and stomach deficiencies
  • Contraindicated for patients with excess or exterior conditions
  • Should be used with caution during pregnancy, as it stimulates contraction of the uterus.

Each bag contains 500 grams whole sun-dried Organic Goji Berries.

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