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Lentils, Red Organic 25 lb.

Lentils, Red Organic 25 lb.
#ALB11 Lentils, Red Organic 25 lb.
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Organic Red Lentils 25 Pounds

have a neutral thermal nature, mild flavor, are diuretic, benefit the heart and circulation, stimulate the adrenals and increase jing.

Lentils have good nutritional value, containing dietary fiber, B-vitamins, protein, rich in protein, iron and Vitamin C. and are low in calories These are one of my favorite beans to sprout and we like to use them in salads, for a nice added crunch and a nutty flavor, with dulse flakes, sprout loaves, in or on sprouted breads, in marinated vegetables and in vegetable juice.

They cook quickly compared to other beans, therefore they do not need soaking. Please don't overcook as this can make them mushy. Green lentils hold up best for cooking.

Red lentils are smaller than other varieties, have a mild flavor, can be cooked with rice or can be added to a variety of vegetable dishes or soup.

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