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Barley, Hulless Organic 25 lb.

Barley, Hulless Organic 25 lb.
#ALW02 Barley, Hulless Organic 25 lb.
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Organic Hulless Barley 25 Pounds

has a cool thermal nature with a sweet and salty flavor. It strengthens the spleen-pancreas, regulates the stomach, fortifies the intestines, builds blood and yin fluids thereby moistening dryness, is diuretic, benefits the gall bladder, benefits the nerves, is easily digested, aids convalescents and invalids, treats diarrhea, soothes inflammation, reduces painful or difficult urination, quells fever, reduces tumors, swelling, edema and water. It has more fiber, double the calcium, three times the iron and 25% more protein than the dead version which is pearled.

Sprouting barley, such as ours, is mildly laxative unless roasted before cooking. (Barley is the most acid forming of grains, while roasting also makes it more alkalizing. Caution: roasting can also exacerbate constipation.)

Sprouted barley used as the common Chinese herb is slightly warming and retains its sweet flavor. It is used to treat digestive stagnation from starchy foods or when an infant poorly tolerates mother's milk (mom drinks the barley tea), tonifies the stomach, reduces liver stagnation signs such as upper chest or abdominal swelling and tightness. It also strengthens weak digestion and poor appetite in cases of spleen-pancreas deficiency, including candida induced digestive weakness.

Roasted whole barley berries can be decocted as a tea. Barley tea relieves summer heat and fatigue and acts as a digestive aid and coffee substitute.

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