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Leek Seed, Organic 5 lb.

Leek Seed, Organic  5 lb.
#ALS14 Leek Seed, Organic 5 lb.
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Organic Leek Seed 5 Pounds

grows sprouts that are warming and best used mixed with other sprouts. They benefit the colon, liver, lungs and stomach. They improve circulation of blood and qi, disperse cold, damp and mucus and also help detoxify the body.

Leek sprouts have anticancer properties that are not destroyed when cooked. They also have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-viral properties as well as remove parasites and heavy metals from the body. Leek sprouts are helpful for treating colds, constipation, diabetes and heart disease.

Leek sprouts increase sexual appetite and body heat. Raw Leek sprouts reduce kapha, cooked they balance pitta and kapha, and well cooked sweet Leek sprouts balance vata.

Leek sprouts can be added to any sprout mix, salad, sprouted loaves, sprouted grain sandwiches or soup.

Remember, greens are high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is high in oxygen. Disease cannot live in the presence of oxygen.

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