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Rye Berries, Organic 25 lb.

Rye Berries, Organic 25 lb.
#ALW11 Rye Berries, Organic 25 lb.
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Organic Rye Berries 25 Pounds

are harvested from the hardiest of the cereal grasses. It has a strong, bitter flavor and has a neutral thermal nature. It supports the gall bladder, heart, liver, spleen-pancreas. Rye circulates Qi and reduces excess damp making an excellent choice for kapha types. Rye also clears liver stagnancy, increases endurance and strength, builds muscle, cleans and renews arteries and promotes the growth of bones, fingernails and hair.

Sprouted rye is slightly sweet. It is a good source of protein, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium. When eaten raw, rye is high in fluorine. Rye broth is helpful for reducing migraine headaches.

Rye is traditionally the grain of choice for making sourdough bread if only one grain is being used. Although rye contains gluten, when used as a single grain and without added yeast to make sourdough bread, it has been one of the best tolerated breads for many individuals battling Candida. This is because of its fermentation process as well as its ability to reduce kapha along with its bitter flavor benefitting a stagnant liver.

Sprouted, ground into flour or both, rye can be used in bread, cereal, energy bars, grain milk, sprouted loaves, or eaten alone.

Friendly bacteria is THE foundational food for the Liver. When our friendly bacteria are in balance we have a Happy Liver and it radiates outwardly.

Rye is the "other" grain used to make our favorite friendly bacteria beverage, affectionately known as "Soft Wheat Water". Although we haven't had anyone tell us they cannot tolerate Soft Wheat Water made with soft wheat, this is the option of choice if anyone should ever run into this kind of incompatibility.

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