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Quinoa, Red Organic 25 lb.

Quinoa, Red Organic 25 lb.
#ALW09 Quinoa, Red Organic 25 lb.
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Organic Red Quinoa 25 Pounds

has a warming thermal nature with a sweet and sour flavor, is alkalizing to the body and is gluten free. Red Quinoa is strengthening for the entire body. It's focus is on the kidney yang and Qi which warms the entire body and gives us energy and strength, and also on the functions of the heart. It is an excellent endurance and fitness food.

Red Quinoa is very high in protein, calcium and lysine, an excellent source of iron, phosphorus, B Vitamins and Vitamin E. Quinoa is also high in anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, flavonoids and saponins. Red Quinoa reduces kapha and can be used in moderation by vata and pitta and when seasoned to meet their needs.

I love mixing Red Quinoa with French Green Lentils and slow cooking on low till the Quinoa is fully sprouted. Adding a little curry powder, spinach powder, olive oil (or walnut oil), tamari and some optional coconut milk makes it delicious! Red Quinoa is a very good choice mixed with Amaranth and Millet when cooked as a breakfast cereal. It can also be sprouted and used in sprouted cereals, cookies or breads. Sprouted, ground into flour or both, quinoa can be used in bread, cereal, cookies, crusts, desserts, energy bars, puddings, soups, sprouted loaves, toppings or eaten alone.

Awesome for sprouting I can't say enough what an amazing harvest this Red Quinoa is!

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