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Almonds, Organic 25 lb.

Almonds, Organic 25 lb.
#ALN01 Almonds, Organic 25 lb.
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Organic Almonds 25 Pounds

Almonds have a slightly warm thermal nature, a sweet flavor and are tridoshic. In traditional Chinese medicine almonds release stagnant lung qi and transform phlegm, alleviate cough and lubricate the intestines. Almonds are useful for lung contiditions such as cough and asthma when blended with spring water to make into alomnd milk.

Almonds help to build jing making them a nurturing food for the reproductive system. We recommend skinning the almonds if your constitution is vata or kapha. This can be done by soaking the almonds for 12 hours and then peeling them. If your constitution is pitta, the skins of almonds can be beneficial for resolving lung dampness. Almonds are especially calming to vata.

Almonds are the only nut that alkalize the blood. They can be helpful in the relief of constipation, kidney and gallstones. Their jing building capabilities can enhance the mind and spirit of an individual as well as adding strength to the bones and nerves.

Our almonds are truly raw and are from Spain. (All American grown almonds labeled raw are being pasteurized.)

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