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Dendrobium Stem - Shi Hu

Dendrobium Stem - Shi Hu

Dendrobium Stem - Shi Hu

Products Featuring This Herb:
Eagle Vision
Eternal Jing
Primal Yin Replenisher
Yin Replenisher Drops

Other Common Names
Dendrobium Stem

Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs

Latin Name
Herba Dendrobii

Shi Hu

Yin Jing

Treasure Rating

Atmospheric Energy
Slightly Cold

Sweet and lightly salty

Organ Meridian Systems
Kidney, Lungs and Stomach

Part Used and Form
Stems and Leaves

Primary Functions
Replenish Yin Essence (Yin Jing), generate fluids, clear heat.

This variety of Chinese orchid is an excellent and delicious Yin Jing tonic and longevity herb. It is said to quickly and effectively replace spent “adaptive energy”. It is widely used in the Orient by those who engage in a lot of sexual activity to replace the spent energy and to replace fluids; and therefore it is commonly called “honeymooners tea”. When combined with licorice root, it is also called “healer’s tea”, because it is said to provide healing energy which can be transmitted to others and replace spent healing energy. Thus body workers, other hands-on healers and all those who give of themselves from their soul benefit by consuming Dendrobium. It has been widely used both by Taoist hermits and by the Chinese elite.

Dendrobium is primarily used in China to replenish fluids. It is commonly used in Chinese herbalism as a Yin tonic which moistens the Stomach and Lungs. It can be very effective in treating dryness problems like dry mouth, thirst, stomach pain, mouth sores, sunstroke and dry lungs and air passages due to dry weather or due to pollution and smoke. In other words, Dendrobium is used to balance hot, dry conditions, to replace damaged or lost fluids and to relieve thirst, depression and deficiency fever as a result of an illness.

However, the truly great value of Dendrobium lies elsewhere. Taoist sages, who were the masters of longevity (and much more) have routinely used Dendrobium as a daily tea for many centuries. The stems of leaves of a number of varieties of Dendrobium are an excellent longevity herb. Dendrobium is especially useful in quickly and effectively replenishing spent adaptive energy.

Dendrobium has been traditionally used as a daily tea to replace spent Yin Jing of the Kidney. The Kidney is considered to be the whole body’s reservoir of Yin Jing, so replenishing the Yin of the Kidney replenishes the whole body.

In replenishing and increasing Jing, Dendrobium increases the generative force. Dendrobium is especially famous for relieving fatigue from over-indulgence in sex. For those who maintain a balanced sex life, Dendrobium is said to build superb sexual vigor. Dendrobium, being a Kidney Yin tonic, increases the sexual fluids in men and women. And like all Jing tonics, it helps strengthen the lower back and knees (areas controlled by the Kidney). For all these reasons, Denrobium, when combined with Licorice root and made into a tea is called “honeymooners tea”.

The Taoists say that Dendrobium fills the Kidney meridian up with new vitality and strengthens muscles. It nourishes the Yin of the Kidney and nourishes the saliva, which the Taoists call the “Precious Fluid”. It can be made into a superb tea for athletes for the purpose of maintaining fluids during exercise or sports.

One last benefit of Dendrobium lies in its beauty-promoting quality. Dendrobium helps keep the skin moist and constant drinking helps generate beautiful skin. When combined in a person’s program with other skin nourishing and cleansing herbs like Codonopsis, Tang Kuei, Schizandra and White Peony, a person’s skin will definitely improve, becoming smooth, radiant, supple and clear.

Primary Combinations
Combine with:

  1. Licorice root to tonify Kidney yin and generate body fluids
  2. Ophiopogon, Glehnia and Raw Rehmannia to generate body fluids, tonify Stomach yin and saliva
  3. Raw Rehmannia, Prince Ginseng and Asparagus root for generalized yin deficiency with afternoon fever

Varieties and Grading
Large golden, or green-gold, well-preserved stems and leaves indicate good quality. If the stems and leaves are pulpy, that is excellent. The Dendrobium should not be brittle or crumbly when gently squeezed. This would mean that the Dendrobium is old and will have lost its potency. The white pulp inside the Dendrobium should be fresh looking and even a bit moist. Some varieties are not as large as Dendrobium nobile. However, they work the same — just be sure they are in good condition and are not too old.

Alive & Well's philosophy is based on us as human beings taking care of our health as well as our pets and animals by consuming whole living foods and herbs, and through the use of natural and organic products, doing regular exercise, breathing fresh air, absorbing sunshine and drinking and bathing in good clean spring water, all in the way Yahweh intended us to when He created us and the universe.

On both riverbanks will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not dry up and their fruit will not fail. There will be a different kind of fruit each month because the water flows from the sanctuary so that this fruit will be edible and the leaves will have healing properties." Ezekiel 47:12 CJB. Disclaimer: The Western Medical Field believes that Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies have nothing to do with the health of the body. We believe that Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies all work together to create harmony and health in the human body the way Yahweh intended it to be when He created us and the universe. Since we work with Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies collectively, we certainly are not entering the Western Medical Field and are not practicing Western Medicine. We believe the Western Medical Field is founded on witchcraft and sorcery and therefore separate ourselves from them and will not recommend drugs or their practices and will not replace the prescriber of drugs or their practices.
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