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Polygala Root - Yuan Zhi

Polygala Root - Yuan Zhi

Polygala Root - Yuan Zhi

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Other Common Names

Page # In Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs

Latin Name
Radix Polygalae

Yuan Zhi


Treasure Rating

Atmospheric Energy
Slightly Warm

Pungent and Bitter

Organ Meridian Systems
Heart and Lung

Primary Functions
Calm the heart and mind, clear the orifices, resolve phlegm and strengthen the Will

Polygala is one of the truly extraordinary tonic herbs in the entire Asian tonic herbal system. This herb first attained wide use in Taoist circles because it was believed to have powerful mind and spirit developing power. In fact, Polygala root was believed to be an empowering substance in the class with wild Ginseng and Ganoderma in this regard. This root is traditionally used as a Shen tonic to relax the mind, calm the emotions and to aid in the sleep process. However, it does not relax the mind in entirely the same manner as many Shen stabilizing herbs such as Dragon Bone and Polygonum stem.

Instead, many people claim that it enhances dreaming and aids in creative thinking. And it not only aids creative thinking, but the ability to manifest our ideas. In fact, the ancient name for this herb is the “Will Strengthener”. The herb is believed to have the ability to strengthen that part of the psyche which we call the “Will”. Taoists have long claimed using Polygala to strengthen the focus of the mind and to empower our thoughts so that they may be made real. The Taoists taught that our creative visualization, which they called Yi, could be brought to reality by the Will. Therefore the Will had to be strengthened. In fact, the Will was virtually considered to be the fourth Treasure in what was otherwise called the Three Treasures system. Therefore Polygala, as a Will-strengthening herb, ranked extremely high on the list of important herbs in the Taoist pharmacopoeia. These days, Polygala may be used to strengthen the Will of the spiritual seeker, or it may be used to strengthen the Will of the more earth-bound. It is used in formulations to build enough willpower to overcome obstacles and to achieve greater heights. For example, it can be used as the main ingredient in formulas to help stop smoking or even to break other habits, such as drug abuse, overeating or compulsive behavior of any sort. Polygala has the unique power to provide the energy (the “power”) to our Will, so that we can overcome the obstacles that block us from becoming all that we can become. And it not only helps us break old, bad habits, it also helps strengthen our will to do new things, to achieve new heights. It strengthens our Will so that we can start to work on a new project, to start exercising, to start and continue whatever we need to do to grow, to become a great human being. That is the magic of Polygala, the “Will Strengthener”.

Polygala has another unique quality that sets it apart from most other herbs, including the tonic herbs. It has the ability to connect the Kidney (sexual) energy with the Heart (love) energy. It does this by opening the energy flow between the Heart and Kidney known as the Penetrating Vessel. The Penetrating Vessel is one of the energy channels that regulate the functions of the body-mind. It is called a “psychic channel” by the Taoists. Commonly, this vessel is blocked, resulting in a de-linking of our sexual energy and our emotional feelings. It is essential for our true health and well being that feelings of love and the functions of sex are united. Consuming Polygala for a period of time will have this result. The Will Strengthener therefore has a unique power to deepen our experience and our feelings and to bring new levels of happiness into our lives.

Primary Combinations
Combine with:

  1. Zizyphus Seed, Albizia Bark, Spirit Poria, Biota Seed, Polygonum Stem, Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell to stabilize Shen and treat insomnia caused by anxiety
  2. Ganoderma, Albizia Flower, Wild Asparagus to nurture Shen
  3. Goji, Morinda, Rehmannia, Albizia Flower and Biota to open the channel of communication between the Heart and Kidney

Varieties and Grading
Fresh, pliable Polygala is much more alive and potent than old, dry, brittle roots. Larger roots are better.

Do not use excessively at first. Polygala root is used to stabilize excessive dreaming, but in rare, extremely creative individuals, Polygala may have a paradoxical reaction at first and actually increase the intensity of dreaming for a short period of time.

Alive & Well's philosophy is based on us as human beings taking care of our health as well as our pets and animals by consuming whole living foods and herbs, and through the use of natural and organic products, doing regular exercise, breathing fresh air, absorbing sunshine and drinking and bathing in good clean spring water, all in the way Yahweh intended us to when He created us and the universe.

On both riverbanks will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not dry up and their fruit will not fail. There will be a different kind of fruit each month because the water flows from the sanctuary so that this fruit will be edible and the leaves will have healing properties." Ezekiel 47:12 CJB. Disclaimer: The Western Medical Field believes that Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies have nothing to do with the health of the body. We believe that Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies all work together to create harmony and health in the human body the way Yahweh intended it to be when He created us and the universe. Since we work with Yahweh, Yeshuah and the Ruach HaKodesh, the Word of Yahweh, food, herbs and frequencies collectively, we certainly are not entering the Western Medical Field and are not practicing Western Medicine. We believe the Western Medical Field is founded on witchcraft and sorcery and therefore separate ourselves from them and will not recommend drugs or their practices and will not replace the prescriber of drugs or their practices.
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