Alive & Well

The owner of Alive & Well has been learning about and sharing the benefits of eating living foods since a young girl when she had her first carrot juice made by Dad. She started learning more on her own in 1977 while still in her teens. After working hard for other companies all these years, she finally decided to make it a business in 1996.

Traditional Chinese Full Spectrum Herbal Extract Powders are produced in 200 gram, 1 Kilogram and 5 Kilogram packages. These are our own label full spectrum 8:1 extract powder or higher extraction ratios. Please email us for prices on herbs not listed. 200 grams and kilograms are free from aluminum, sulfites and other additives. They are processed in an Internationally Certified GMP Factory that is Certified Organic by ICS and Certified Kosher. Please store in a cool, dark, dry place. Refrigerate if storing for extended periods of time.

Most of our beans, peas, sprouting seeds, hulled sprouting grains and whole grains are grown in the USA on a farm that has been certified organic since the early 1990's, are of extremely high quality with a 95-98% sprouting ratio. They may be sprouted and used in many of our recipes or to make your favorite recipes.

We hope you will find the quality of our sprouting seeds superior to most on the market. If you are new to sprouting or have been growing sprouts for a long time our seeds make it easier. They are all tested before selling to make sure they have a high yield (95-98%) of seed to sprout ratio. They are great for your family and great to give as gifts too! Growing sprouts at home is quick, fun for the whole family and an inexpensive way to have the highest quality sprouts money can buy. And if you live by yourself you can grow small quantities to accommodate yourself without compromising your health and quality of life.

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