Does Marijuana Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Marijuana is being legalized in different places all across the United States. This is both for recreational purposes and medicinal purposes. Often these days people are trying out cannabis now to help with their anxiety disorders.

There still isn’t a lot of research, but many people say that marijuana can help relieve some of the stressful symptoms of their anxiety disorders. This can make marijuana seem like a good thing to try, but know that there is no evidence of positive results for long term use — just personal anecdotes, which are not science.



If you choose to try and manage your anxiety symptoms yourself using something like marijuana that is called self-medicating. That is when a doctor doesn’t just prescribe a substance, but instead, you’re using it to help without their advice or direction.

Self-medicating is often used because it can provide immediate relief to the feelings. The problem is that not much is really known about using marijuana for anxiety. What if over time it could increase feelings of anxiety? That just isn’t something we know.


Short-Term Benefits

Now that cannabis is becoming more acceptable this means that more studies are being done. From these initial studies, we have learned that there are indeed positive short term benefits of using cannabis to treat generalized anxiety disorder.

Early reports have shown that smoking marijuana actually can reduce some of the feelings of depression, and anxiety. At least, it can do that in the short-term. Using repeatedly though doesn’t seem to have benefits for the long-term and can actually increase depression over time.



Marijuana is a drug, and this means it can affect your mind and body both. When you get high from smoking marijuana that is due to THC, a chemical compound that makes the drug psychoactive. That’s what causes it to affect your brain.

Long term use has caused these issues:

–    Psychological Dependence: using marijuana every day can actually cause you to be psychologically dependent on it. That means you feel like you can’t function or do anything without marijuana in your system, even though you can.

–    Long-Term Memory Loss: memory impairment due to long-term use of marijuana is totally possible. This is because THC effects the hippocampus which is in charge of your memory. It can change the brains’ motivation system, and this isn’t a good thing.