Who We Are

We are “Alive And Well” – Educational Resource About Mental Health

Mental health issues are becoming a hot topic these days which is actually a good thing. Raising awareness of mental health is important because there has always been a certain stigma around it.

People think if you have a mental health issue then you are weak or have a defect when this isn’t the case. Instead, it just means you might have to work a bit more at being happy.

Mental health is continuously fluctuating with everyone, and this means many people suffer from problems that could be treated otherwise. Raising awareness for mental health means that people are more likely to get help or recognize that they have a problem sooner.

Sadly, a lot of information isn’t always correct or up to date. That’s why we at Right Mental Health have set up a few good topics to educate people on mental health disorders.

We are designed to be a quick stop spot to get you educated on mental health and disorders that can go along with it.

It can be hard to trust information these days because anyone can write something online. So decide to trust us as we provide top tier information on topics that interest you.